Onam or ThiruOnam originated as a joyous festival, annual reminiscence of the golden rule of King Mahabali, a mythical king, who ruled Kerala a very long time ago. It recalls the sacrifice of the great king, his true devotion to God and his human pride. Onam welcomes the spirit of such a great king. A flower carpet called 'Pookalam' is laid in front of every house to welcome the advent of the vanquished king. People decorate their homes, welcome the King with a happy face and, have feast together.

Onam is For All
Although this festival has its origin in Hindu mythology, Onam is for all people of all class and creed. All celebrate Onam with equal fervor. The secular character of Onam is peculiar to the state of Kerala in southern India and, Australia has its multitude of cultures, where unity had always coexisted with diversity, especially during festivals, when people come together to celebrate life's unlimited joys.
Sydney Sri Ayyappa Swami Centre recognises this secular character of worship by all people at HIS temple. Swamiyee Saranam.